Nuno Sousa Vieira, “From Darkness to Light”

From return to return


All days I return and return expecting to return the next day. This return does not imply only a repetition. It finds in every way the difference, being both an evolving and cumulative process.


My studio is exactly this. A place of return, a place that allows me to re-evaluate, re-interpret and re-enable each of the parties that constitute and define a permanent relationship and connection with the world. Considering each of these space-time units that are repeated and reduplicated, constituting cycles. I feel close to Sisyphus who, after having cheated death, was condemned to an eternal repetition. It seems to me that everyday we cheat death, and therefore every day we return to the foot of the mountain with the expectation that tomorrow we can take the rock to the summit. Or we do not return exactly to the foot of the mountain but we become aware that around every curve always comes a higher place.


The return can in this sense be understood as the encounter between a beginning and an end.


On the other hand, the fact of returning and reviewing each segment is not accompanied by any distress or nostalgia, not just because it allows me to feel nostalgia but above all because it allows me a permanent rediscovery. My return is always accompanied by other returns, which emphasizes the idea of returning as a place of encounters.


Return is reunited. To rediscover is to rebuild and consolidate. Rebuilding and consolidating is to be alive and back to move forward.


Close your eyes to see better and to anticipate and interpret what is beyond the curve of the road.


Nuno Sousa Vieira




© António Jorge Silva


16.01.2016 - 27.02.2016


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