Miguel Soares

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Miguel Soares was born in Braga in 1970 and works in Lisbon as a visual artist and college professor.


Begins to exhibit early his photographic work in the begining of 1990s, among the studies in Photography ar Ar.Co and the course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, where in the third year opts for Product Design área, as a way to learn about the most diferente materials and technologies.


In the mid decade photography merges with objects, with the multimedia installation and the first works into vídeo and animation.


Without ever leaving photography, in the end of the 90’s, Miguel Soares starts working intensively and self-taught in the development of complex 3D animations. In the begining of the 00’s  the 3D animation and the audio recordings and the subsequent music-videos form the main body of his work.


In 2003/2004 was a fellow of FLAD/Gulbenkian Foundation/Ministry of Culture for an artistic residency at Location One in NewYork City.


The work in photogrpahy won recognition with the Prize BES Photo 2007, and the works in 3D animations are shown in retrospective in 2008, occupying the entire headquarters of Culturgest in Lisbon, as a sign of artistic maturity achieved through a new media, being a singular moment in the portuguese art scene.


Having performed over 20 solo exhibitions in 4 countries, Miguel Soares also dedicated, since 2006, to teach Multimedia Art,and as a guest professr at the Universities in Algarve, Coimbra and Évora.