Current Exhibition

José Taborda – “Polpa”



The works now presented intend, through multidisciplinary experiences, to explore the enthusiasm, eagerness and satisfaction that occurs when we discover what surrounds us.


They arise, in this case, through a deconstruction of everyday situations and objects that are familiar to all of us. Then restructuring these with elements different from originals, allowing us to glimpse these situations through a newly acquired perspective.


These works are thus intended to provide a fresh appreciation of the notion of mundane and all the things we take for granted in our day-to-day life.


It also seeks to question whether it is possible to resume this euphoria of sensory discovery, which exists in abundance during childhood, where everything is new and stimulating.


Being constantly exploring different areas, such as painting, mechanics, optics, sound, biology, among others, allows me to materialize ideas with the smallest possible physical constraints.


Past Exhibitions