Frederico Brizida

Frederico Brízida – ENG

Frederico Brízida was born in Lisbon in 1991.

In his academic career he passed through the Fine Arts Academy of Lisbon in 2012, where he took a degree in sculpture. Later in the academic year of 2020/21 he took a course in Photography and Plastic Arts Project at Atelier de Lisboa.

He exhibited his work for three at Graça Brandão Gallery:

“Equimose”, 2019; Solo exhibition.

“A meio de Qualquer coisa”, 2016; Group exhibition

“Fénix II”, 2022; Group exhibition

And they also exhibit at other various times such as:

“#trompelesprit”, 2017, Painel Gallery, Porto; Solo Exhibition.

“Looking at Eternity”, 2017, Árvore Cooperative, Porto; Group Exhibition.

Biennial of Photography of Vila Franca de Xira, 2021, Celeiro da Patriacal, Vila Franca de Xira; Biennial